#AlwaysEssential Campaign

We have always been essential...
Now they know it, make 'em show it...
Take collective action!

About the Campaign

Essential Workers

#AlwaysEssential is a campaign by and for essential and service industry workers in the Mid-Valley region. By engaging in self-organization and concerted activities for our own mutual aid and protection, we can improve our jobs and lives.* As long as the pandemic continues we have 5 Demands, now and after we demand control over our jobs and lives.All workers are welcome to participate by wearing buttons, coming to events, sharing their stories, and organizing at work.

*According to the National Labor Relations Act.

The current pandemic and economic crisis have exposed an underlying reality: most essential work is low-paying with few protections. Workers in agriculture, social services, healthcare, and service industry (groceries, restaurants, customer service) have little say in job conditions. All workers are essential in the grip of capitalism.

5 Campaign Demands

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1. Hazard Pay of $2.00 for the Length of COVID-19 Crisis.

2. Enforced Mask Wearing, Social Distancing, & Limited Occupancy for Businesses.  

3. Employer Provided Personal Protective Equipment. 

4. Two Weeks Paid Sick & Self-Quarantine Time for All Employees. 

5. No Retaliation for Wearing “Always Essential”,”Black Lives Matter”, LGBTQIA+ Affirming, Union, Pro-Worker & Social Justice Messaging.

Attend an Event:

Mid-Valley IWW is hosting a series of events in Summer and Fall 2020 to support collective action at essential jobs.

Share your story:

We are collecting stories to show what it really looks like to be an essential worker. Tell us yours here! 

Wear a button:

Show your support and spread the campaign by wearing a button. Reach out to us to get some buttons to share with your co-workers.

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Share Your Story!

We are collecting stories to show what it really looks like to be a front-line, essential, and service industry worker working during the pandemic. Tell us yours! Tell us your

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Participate and learn more about the Mid-Valley IWW: organizing@midvalleyiww.org