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A Union For All Workers

We’re building a grassroots labor movement in the heart of the Willamette Valley in Oregon, and we need workers like you to make it happen. Our union is made up of workers in food service, healthcare, construction, freelance, retail, manufacturing, education, and more! Help us continue to stand apart from corporate unions; the IWW doesn’t divide workers by trade or skill; we seek to unite all workers under the banner of One Big Union.

Why Should You Join?

The Industrial Workers of the World was founded in 1905 as a response to inadequate business unionism which divided workers by trade, race, and more. The IWW intends to organize the entirety of the working class into One Big Union so that we have the power to stand up to the ultra rich and their obsession with climbing profits at the expense of workers.

When you join the IWW, you become a vital part of an inclusive and revolutionary labor union where every member is trained to be an effective organizer. Participate in a long-standing legacy of labor solidarity, direct action, mutual aid, and striving for dignity for every worker on and off the job.

We don’t have to beg; we can organize and take it – but only with your help.

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